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Status of construction of office infrastructure in Transport Department and Rectification of Black Spots undertaken for Road Safety. Please click here for details.


28-02-2017: Electronic copy of amended Seniority List of Clerical Staff for reference.  Click here to read / download

29-01-2016: Electronic copy of Seniority List of Clerical Staff for reference.  Click here to read / download

23-09-2016: Regarding Seniority List of Urdu Translators of Regional Level.


02-02-2017:Regarding CMVR Rules, 1989 amendment.
19-01-2017: Special checking Drive on school vehicle.
01-12-2016: Regarding De-Registration of 15 years old Diesel Vehicle in Delhi.
07-01-2016: MoRTH Notification No 35 regarding amendment in SO 728 (E)

23-10-2015: Amendment of notification No 2004 dated October 28, 2009

29-9-2015: Notification of UP Motor Vehicles (Nineteenth Amendment) Rules, 2015

28-9-2015: Notification regarding rate of tax on non-transport vehicles.

UP State Road Safety Policy
Reconstitution of State Road Safety Council
Constitution of High Power Committee for State Road Safety Council
State Road Safety Fund Rules, 2014

.... earlier orders / notifications ......

UP Government has launched a website where GOs / Notifications of all departments are available for general information. For latest GOs / Notifications pertaining to the UP Transport Department, please go to http://shasanadesh.up.nic.in/


Act & Rules: Motor Vehicles Act 1988 / Central Motor Vehicle Rules: Read these documents on the website of Department of Road Transport & Highways, Govt of India (opens new window)


Shri Ram Naik,
Hon'ble Governer

Shri Aditya Nath Yogi,
Hon'ble Chief Minister

Shri Swatantra Dev Singh,
Hon'ble Minister of State,
Ind. Charge, Transport

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fb swatantrabjp        

Election Commission of India has launched National Voters' Service Portal. Click to visit for online registration, correction of entries, search voter lists, link Aadhaar Card etc. (opens new window)

Welcome to the website of the Transport Commissioner, Uttar Pradesh.

The Transport Commissioner's Organisation deals with various transport related matters like driving licenses, registration of motor vehicles, grant and renewal of permits, collection of taxes / fees, and all the other regulatory and enforcement functions assigned to it under provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, and functions through its headquarters at Lucknow, and RTO & ARTO offices spread all across the state.

Departmental heads:

Principal Secretary

Mrs. Aradhana Shukla, IAS

Transport Commissioner

Sri K. Ravinder Naik, IAS

1-प्रदेश के विभिन्न जनपदों के थानों में निरुद्ध वाहनों की संख्या सम्बन्धी सूचना 2--प्रदेश के विभिन्न जनपदों के प्रदुषण जाँच केन्द्रों की सूचना 3-प्रदेश के समस्त जनपदों के डीलरों की सूची 4 -ड्राइविंग लाइसेंस पर परिसंकतमय एवं खतरनाक माल ढोने वाले वाहनों वाहनों से सम्बंधित पत्र


NewMorth Notification 397-a dated 20-04-2017 Regarding use of Red, White, Blue Light on vehicle.

Leadership Award (10-Feb-2017)

Transport Department UP has recieved Leadership Award for 'Mobile App based e-challan System' during Urban Development Summit Program held in Haiderabad.

Road Safety Week (Jan 09 to Jan 15)

From 09-Jan-2017 to 15-Jan-20107 Road Sfaety Week has been organized in all distrcts of Uttar Pradesh.
During this oraganiers raise awareness on key road safety topics: speed, drink and drug-driving, driver distractions and mobile phones, helmets and motorbikes, seatbelts, safe walking and cycling; road safety for children, and the Brake Pledge. Varoius Road Safety Prgrams are also being organized fo awaring pepole.

Webbased VAHAN 4.0 System in Kanpur From 5th Dec 2016

After successful implimentation of VAHAN 4.0 System in Lucknow and Barabanki, this sytem is going to be started in RTO Kanpur from 5th Dec 2016.

VAHAN 4.0 is webbased single database platform for all RTOs across the country. With the implimentation of this sytem, more and more services related to Vehicle registration, fitness, tax, permit etc could be made available online.



Know Your Vehicle Details:

Through SMS : Write VAHAN<SPACE>Vehicle Number and send it to 7738299899. A reply SMS will provide vehicle information.
Through Web Portal : Please visit parivahan.gov.in .

w WhatsApp Numbers of Transport Department


For Verification of Registration Cetificate (RC) and Driving License (DL) :
A new Whatsapp Number 8005441038 is now functional. Any person could verify his RC and DL details by from this whatsapp number. Only verification related message shall be posted on this WhatsApp number.


For "Road Accident Victims & Relatives:
An exclusive Whatsapp Number 8005441301 for Road accidents Victims and Relatives created to get valuable feedbacks and suggestions.


Whatsapp Group For Insurance Companies:
For expeditious settelment of motor accident claims an exclusive Whatsapp Group' (9453202110) of transport department and insurance companies created for the benefit of insurance companies to resolve any sort of problems in verification of Driving License and Registration Certifcates at RTO/ARTO offices.


Web based VAHAN 4.0 Application Software:

It is a centralized web enabled architecture with single database and application created by NIC Delhi for the whole country to cater the services related to vehicle registration, tax, fitnes etc. The new system will consolidate the database and applications for all RTOs across all states into a common, centralized platform and deliver the core services of Vahan throughout the country.
As a pilot project this system was started in Barabanki on 12, Jan 2016. Now VAHAN 4 is started working in RTO office Lucknow and Kanpur also.
For the benefit of citizen, this system in future will facilitate for providing many vehicle related services to the vehicle owners through online medium, and thereby minimize their visits to RTO offices.

Uttar Pradesh Road Safety Portal:

The Government of Uttar Pradesh is highly concerned about the steep rise in the number of road accidents, injuries and fatalities in recent years. Road accidents are caused by multiple factors involving designing of road, behaviour of drivers of motors vehicles and other road users , so road safety demands a holistic approach.Government of Uttar Pradesh is committed to bring significant reduction in road accidents.

The website uproadsafetycell.in is inaugurated during the meeting of State Road Safety Council held in Lucknow on 03rd June 2016.


Online Driving License Application System:

Started in RTO Lucknow on 8th January 2015 as a pilot project.This system has been currently extended to all RTO/ARTO offices except Barabanki. The website is https://sarathi.nic.in Applicant can submit new LL or new DL application and pay the respective fee online. They can even online book a particular time-slot of their choice for bio-metrics and LL/DL test which is being conducted in the concerned RTO/ARTO offices.

In Barabanki webbased SARATHI 4.0 started from 28 Oct 2016. Website is parivahan.gov. in/sarathi service.

Dealer Point online Vehicle Registration System :

This system allows vehicle dealers selling new private vehicles to complete initial registration documentation and pay due taxes / fees directly into the government treasury through online payment gateway. The web portal is https://vahan.up.nic.in/vahaninweb/faces/registration/jsp/index.jsp

Online booking of VIP/Fancy Registration Numbers

VIP/Fancy Registration Numbers can be booked only through online medium. No manual booking is allowed. Website for RTO Lucknow, Kanpur and ARTO Barabanki is https://parivahan.gov.in/fancy and website for other Transport offices https://vahan.up.nic.in/UP_fancynumberbid/

Online Vehicle Tax Payment System :

For vehicle registered in UP : Districts other than Lucknow, Kanpur and Barabanki please log on to the portal by clicking https://vahan.up.nic.in/up (opens new window). For Lucknow and Barabanki and Kanpur Please visit parivahan.gov.in .

Commercial vehicles of other states entering UP can pay their online tax on the portal https://vahan.up.nic.in/upcheckpost/

Online National Permit System :

Centralized online framework for Goods' Vehicles across the country, https://vahan.nic.in/npermit/ (opens new window)

Online National Register of Vehicles :

provides vehicle details online. Access IDs are provided by NIC. Please read the procedures to have  your ID made by clicking https://vahan.nic.in/nrservices/ (opens new window)



Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (UPSRTC). Visit the official website of UPSRTC by clicking here (opens new window)


Office of the Transport Commissioner UP, Tehri Kothi, MG Marg, Lucknow - 226001 (UP)

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